Connecting with Mark Twain's The Innocents Abroad

I'm so glad you got one of our limited edition book boxes featuring Mark Twain's The Innocents Abroad because it was one of our favorites inside our Monthly Book Box subscription for the simple fact that we laughed our way through it - and I hope you will, too!

First things first, if you're like me, you are going to be tempted to read the Introduction before you start traveling abroad aboard the U.S.S. Quaker City with Twain and his fellow travelers.


Too many spoilers are included in the Introduction. Instead, read this summary and save the Introduction for AFTER you've read the book.

Mark Twain originally wrote this travelogue as a series of letters for a Western U.S. audience. In an effort to expand his audience to include Eastern U.S. readers, Twain made some changes (because apparently the Eastern audience would not appreciate his snarky-ness as much as his Western audience). He also added a good dose of embellishment and after several revisions was finally able to publish this as a book.

See? Much more concise and no spoilers. 😉

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Inside The Classics Community (a private, online Facebook Group for subscribers to the Monthly Book Box), we talked and laughed all month about this book. I want to give you a little taste of that companionship while you read The Innocents Abroad, so when you reach the specific pages or chapters (see below), I want to share a little of what went on inside our private Facebook group when we read that section, too.

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After you read about the Innocents experiencing something outside their comfort zone, click here.

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