The Innocents Abroad (page 71)

I posted this...

I was utterly giddy reading this in chapter 11 (p. 71) because I count (See what I did there?) that book as one of my all-time favs. "We saw the damp, dismal cells in which two of Dumas' heroes passed their confinement - heroes of 'Monte Christo."

Some of our members replied with this...

"I enjoyed Count, as well. I read an abridged version (that was still loooong) with my book club years ago." -M

"I just finished reading these two pages; I have read both of the Dumas stories Twain mentioned. And I have to say that as a whole, this novel has me running a gamut of emotions! These two pages moved me terribly, almost to tears, and shows yet another reason why Twain is considered a master storyteller." -L

What did you think when you read that?

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