The Innocents Abroad (page 25)

C posted this...

"Reading The Innocents Abroad and came across a passage I could totally relate to and found pretty funny. It is pretty early in the book (page 25). They are on the ship and having a hard time doing a lot of things because of the swells. 'We all enjoyed ourselves—I think I can safely say that, but it was in a rather quiet way. We very, very seldom played the piano (my own insert here to say it was because they would have to tie the pianist to the bench lol); we played the flute and the clarinet together, and made good music, too, what there was of it, but we always played the same old tune—how well I remember it—I wonder when I shall ever get rid of it.' I thought this was funny because I have the hardest time getting songs, or parts of songs, out of my mind, all the time. Lol. Anybody else have that problem?"

Some replies were this...

"I can relate. I once had a tune stuck in my head for daye. I never did remember what the tune was or where I had heard it. My favorite part of that section of the book was the attempts at dancing. I laughed out loud." -G

"Omg I know EXACTLY where you are talking about bc I just read the same page and laughed out loud at “showing the passengers where they will eventually arrive” and the first picture that shows up is a cemetery!!! 😆😆😆 AND giggling at the picture in my mind of the reeling reelers!" -L

"I actually made a note of that section myself for the exact same reason!" -E

What did you think when you read that?

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