The Innocents Abroad (cultural misundertandings)

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Let's share our favorite cultural misunderstandings inside The Innocents Abroad! šŸŽ¤

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"EatingĀ šŸŒĀ ā€œsnail pattiesā€ while in France gave me a giggle." -E

"I love the repeated episodes of the lack of soap. You would think they would start taking some with them. One that I particularly enjoyed was when he was in the public bath and a woman tried to enter." -G

"I thought it was funny after visiting France that he said: 'I will conclude this chapter with a remark that I am sincerely proud to be able to makeā€”and glad, as well, that my comrades cordially endorse it, to wit: by far the handsomest women we have seen in France were born and reared in America.'" -C

"Omg. The start of chapter XLVIII!" -M

Which were your favorite situations that stemmed from cultural misunderstandings?

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