The Innocents Abroad (after you finish)

I posted this...

Share one way in which you connected with our current novel, even if it's teeny tiny.

Some of our members replied this...

"Connected while people watching while traveling abroad." -A

"I love to hear about how people in other places live and how they act." -G

"Traveling abroad—-I’ve only been to “less civilized” places internationally…I’m in the early chapters of “the Innocents Abroad” meet the locals and seeing their way of life… memories!!!!" -K

"Having been to a few of the locations, I liked being able to connect with the location again through Twain's perspective." -M

How did you connect?

It's always more fun to read when you have someone to talk to about it. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Email me at and let's talk about what you thought of this laugh-out-loud book.