Connecting with The Diary of a Nobody

I'm so glad you got one of our limited edition book boxes featuring the Grossmith Brothers' The Diary of a Nobody because it was one of our favorites inside our Monthly Book Box subscription. We laughed our way through it - and feel certain that you will, too!

The Diary of a Nobody was our first introduction to the Grossmith Brothers. None of us had ever heard of them before the little gem you hold in your hands, which is quite a feat in classic literature. I mean, part of the nature of classic literature is that it is finite, so when you discover someone "new," it is exciting!

Before You Begin

Let me introduce you to the Grossmith Bros.

That's Weedon on the left (his mother's maiden name, if you were wondering) and George (named after their father) on the right with the spectacles. Notice anything special about George? We did. Click here to find out exactly what it was.

Before collaborating on The Diary of a Nobody, which was originally run as a sporadic serial in Punch magazine (click here for a little more on Punch magazine), the Grossmith Brothers each pursued stage careers in comedy. I think that experience is what added a unique element of cleverness to their satirical look at the dailiness of Charles Pooter's life.

Start Reading

Inside The Classics Community (the private, online Facebook Group for subscribers to the Monthly Book Box), we talked and laughed all month long about this comedic book. I want to give you a little taste of that while you read The Diary of a Nobody, so when you reach the specific pages or chapters cited below, I want to share a little of what went on inside our Facebook group when we read that section, too.

After you read page 26, click here.

After you read page 53, click here.

After you read page 87, click here.

After you read page 95, click here.

After you read page 116, click here.

After you read page 163, click here.

After you finish The Diary of a Nobody, click here and click here, too.

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