The Diary of a Nobody (and current culture)

Do you see any similarities between The Diary of a Nobody's Charles Pooter and people in current culture?

What some of our members said:

"Definitely. Even though he wants to appear to be above it all, he is caught up in the fitting in that is pervasive with current culture- wanting the appearance of being close to certain people, having connections, etc." -M

"My 2 cents: I see a parallel between people today (via social media) and the Grossmiths' Mr. Pooter (via his diary) in the incessant recording of the mundane. Every single aspect of life is shared on social media 𝙖𝙨 𝙞𝙛 each and every little thing was of infinite worth - kind of like Mr. Pooter writes in his diary - but a lot of it amounts to drivel. The exaggerated view of self in today's society (because of social media?) seems to mirror Pooter's, though, in Pooter's defense, he was just keeping a journal and not taking out ads in the local news circulation of his time." -E

"Definitely agree with you on this. We do seem to have a society more focused on self now than I remember even 20 years ago. I know as we get older, perceptions change, but it does seem social media has contributed to people being more prone to over-sharing in all parts of life." -M

"Human nature never changes, right?" -L