The Diary of a Nobody (apologizing)

This really resonated with me.

Generally, I like to feel like I am a-ok with people. Like, always. To the extent that when someone has wronged me, I have searched my own heart for any scrap of wrongdoing on my part (like getting upset) for which I could go to the person in apology.

What about you? Can you relate, or is this just me being Pooterish?

What some of our members thought:

"I definitely understand. I want people to feel included, accepted, understood, valued- even when they don't do the same for me or others. But the older I have gotten the more I have let go of 'it must have been me' and I've accepted that sometimes people choose to live like the wronged party, even when no wrong was done. And I think sometimes people are rude or insulting but they make it about how the other person reacted or responded rather than about what they said or did to the person." -M

"I have felt this way many times! I think that many people who try to be honest with themselves and others, and have a healthy self-dialogue, have felt this way. I also think it’s because I want to be liked, and the few (that I know of) times that I find out I’m not liked have been genuinely shocking and distressing to me." -L

"Oh my gosh, no you are not being Pooter-ish. I felt like this so many times in the past over and over and over again but no more I am at the age where I will let all of those people that think I have insulted them for one reason or another, Roll off my shoulders. I have broad, strong shoulders but I am not going to carry their problems or their feelings upon me anymore." -J