30 Outdoor Reading Spots That Are Perfect for Spring

As I write this week's Pretty Literate Blog, the high today is projected to be an unseasonably 93 degrees. In fact, the weather is predicted to boast highs in the 80s/90s all week long.

If you're starting to enjoy seasonally superior weather, as well, you're going to want to grab a book and enjoy one (or more!) of these 30 Outdoor Reading Spots That Are Perfect for Spring.

1. City Parks

Explore your local city parks to find a quiet spot under a tree or by a pond where you can enjoy reading surrounded by nature. Your city should have a listing of all the parks in your area on their website.

2. Botanical Gardens

Visit a botanical garden filled with blooming flowers, lush greenery, and tranquil pathways for a serene reading experience. Travel apps like TripAdvisor are a great place to start. Not only will you discover nearby gardens, but many times users share their secret spots and must-see portions of the gardens with you in the reviews.

3. Beachfront

If you're lucky enough to live close enough, head to the beach and set up a beach chair or towel near the water's edge, where you can enjoy the sound of waves while reading. Don't forget the sunscreen.

4. Rooftop Gardens

Research to see if there are any rooftop gardens in your city for a unique outdoor reading experience with views of the skyline and fresh air. Travel apps are, again, good resources to discover these hidden gems in your area.

5. Campgrounds

Weather you go for the day or you plan an overnighter, campgrounds are great places to read and relax surrounded by the sights and sounds of the beginnings of spring.

6. Hiking Trails

Take a break during a hike and find a scenic spot with a view where you can sit and read amidst the beauty of the outdoors. Or listen to a great audiobook while you enjoy exploring mile after mile on the trails.

7. Backyard Hammock

Set up a hammock in your backyard and spend a lazy afternoon reading as the springtime breeze gently rocks you back and forth.

8. Picnic Areas

Pack a picnic basket with snacks and a good book, then head to a local picnic area in a park, nature reserve, a rest stop, or one of the thousands of historic mile markers you normally just drive past.

9. Arboretums

Explore a local arboretum featuring a variety of trees and plants under which you can find shade (and back support) while you read, enjoying the peaceful setting.

10. Library Courtyards

Some libraries (like mine) have outdoor courtyards or reading gardens where you can borrow a book and relax in the fresh air to read it. Check with your local library to see if yours has this hidden oasis.

11. Historical Monuments

Visit historical monuments or landmarks in your town with scenic surroundings where you can sit and read while soaking up the ambiance. The GetYourGuide website is a great place to start your search.

12. Café Patios

Choose a café with outdoor seating and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while reading in the bustling yet cozy atmosphere. Starbucks is good, but a small Mom & Pop Shop is better. Aim to discover a new place.

13. College Campuses

Yes, college campuses. Wander through a nearby college campuses and admire the beautiful architecture and landscaped grounds this spring. Then find a quiet spot to while away your time reading.

14. Waterfront Boardwalks

There are a lot of waterfront boardwalks popping up around the country, even in areas where there formerly was no water. Find one, take a stroll along the water on the boardwalk, and claim a bench or seating areas overlooking the water for that perfect for reading view.

15. Community Gardens

You probably have one in your local area as community gardens have been making a splash all around the country in the past decade or so. Join (or visit) a community garden and read surrounded by blooming flowers, vegetable patches, and gardening enthusiasts. You might learn a thing or two in the process.

16. Fruit Orchards

Visit a fruit orchard during blossom season and find a peaceful spot among the trees to read while enjoying the fragrant blooms. A quick Google search will give you a list of possible spots.

17. Zen Gardens

Seek out Zen gardens or Japanese gardens known for their tranquility and minimalist design, offering a serene setting for reading and reflection. The North American Japanese Garden Association website makes finding one near you a snap with their online map of gardens. 

18. Wildflower Meadows

Explore meadows or fields filled with wildflowers in bloom, providing a picturesque backdrop for outdoor reading sessions (and Instagram photos).

19. Riverbanks

Sit alongside a riverbank with grassy embankments or sandy shores, where you can read while listening to the soothing sounds of flowing water. (I can already feel the tension in my body leaving at just the thought.)

20. Farmers' Markets

Browse farmers' markets and find a cozy spot to read while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of the market. Bonus: Farm fresh finger foods to nosh while you read your novel.

21. Historic Cemeteries

Hear me out. Historic cemeteries usually have landscaped grounds and shaded pathways so they provide the perfectly peaceful setting for quiet reading that you crave.

22. Sculpture Gardens

Discover the sculpture gardens in your local area featuring outdoor art installations and manicured landscapes for a unique backdrop for your springtime reading.

23. Vineyard Rows

If you visit a vineyard or wineries during the spring season, find a spot among the rows of grapevines to read while enjoying the scenic views. There are so many small batch, Mom and Pop vineyards that you may very well have one near you.

24. Seaside Piers

If the distance isn't a deterrent, walk along a seaside pier with benches and seating areas that extend over the water to take in a refreshing breeze and scenic views while you read this spring.

25. Campus Quad

The polar opposite of campus reading, a campus quad is the perfect spot to read for those that enjoy activity and background noise while they read. Enjoy grassy goodness, shade trees, or benches, all of which are ideal for outdoor reading for someone that does not prefer quiet solitude.

26. Outdoor Amphitheaters

If your local outdoor amphitheater is holding an event or performance this spring, why not plan to go and bring a book to read while waiting for the show to start?

27. Cottage Gardens

Create a cottage garden with quaint pathways, colorful blooms, and cozy seating areas in your own space, offering a charming setting for yourself for late-springtime reading.

28. Public Plazas

Visit a public plaza or square in your town with fountains, sculptures, and outdoor seating, the perfect place for reading and people-watching.

29. City Rooftop Restaurants

Enjoy your favorite drink at a rooftop restaurant with outdoor seating. The panoramic city views, sweet breeze, and refreshing beverages are a winning combination for spring reading.

30. Tea Gardens

Research tea gardens with outdoor seating areas in your area and get your read on surrounded by aromatic herbs and flowers, providing a sensory experience for springtime reading.

Your Turn

My 30 Outdoor Reading Spots That Are Perfect for Spring offer a diverse range of settings, from urban parks to rural landscapes, allowing readers to immerse themselves in nature, culture, and history while enjoying their favorite spring-themed books during this sensational season.

Which have you tried? Which would you recommend?

Which reading spots intrigued you?

What places would you add to the list?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

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