Reading the Classics
in an awesome community
full of friendly conversations
& creating authentic connections


Pretty Literate's Book Club is an online space where members connect with classic authors, titles, and one another - one book at a time.

We are readers just like you who are working our way through classic novels and growing together along the way.

What our Book Club Members are Saying

Which Book Club Level is Right For You?

Book Club

The Book Club level is the budget-friendly option we offer for those that have access to a hearty public library system, a well-stocked local bookstore, read mainly eBooks, or prefer listening to audiobooks.

The Book Club is a monthly membership that is by subscription only for $15/month.


Book Box

The Book Box is our mid-level option designed for the reader that is seeking to grow her personal library, prefers reading physical books, and appreciates the convenience of the book being delivered directly to her door each month.

The Book Box is a monthly book subscription that costs only $25/month, including free shipping!


Gift Box

The Gift Box is designed for the reader that wants to expand her personal library, engage her curiosity, and enjoy a little pampering in the process.

The Gift Box is by subscription for only $35/month - including free shipping!


You can change your membership level or cancel at any time.

Hi! I'm Ericka at Pretty Literate.
I am a reader just like you. I have my favorite authors. I have my go-to titles that I return to read again and again. I have a way too big to-be-read pile. My ideal me-time includes unhurried time at my local bookstore, perusing the clearance section for titles that have caught my eye online. I carry a book in my purse at all times. My goal is to read through the classics - ALL THE CLASSICS - one book at a time and I have discovered that I get a lot more out of it by reading alongside others. I read for connection - to the author, to the setting, to the characters...and to others. I hope you'll join me. I'd love to connect with you, too.