Three Men in a Boat Book Box

Three Men in a Boat Book Box

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We're setting sail across the pond inside the Three Men in a Boat Book Box, so pack your proverbial bags for two weeks of waterborne fun with your besties!  This month's classic provides the perfect vicarious vacation vibes - a little fun in the sun alongside your favorite friends floating down a lazy river in a book that remains as relevant today as it was 100+ years ago when it was first published!

The bookish souvenir inside the Three Men in a Boat Book Box is something every water-bound adventurer should have - whether your adventure takes you by the pool, in the lake, tubing a river, or "bathing" on a beach!

What's Inside?

  • a pretty paperback edition of the hilariously funny British travelogue Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome - a classic that's been vetted by decades upon decades of pretty literate people as well as our very own Monthly Book Club subscribers! 
  • a bookish souvenir - one that may be a headscratcher until you dive into the novel and discover how thoroughly perfect it is for you - and the characters in the book!
  • perks - As a book box buyer, you automatically have front-of-the-line access to the Monthly Book Club when it reopens to new subscribers since the number of spots is limited.

What's the buzz about this book box?

"Thank you once again for the most thoughtful book box and novelty treasure, I really appreciate how you put your heart and soul in all of the monthly choices. Looking forward to reading as always." -Amy

"I am so excited about {this book box}! You once again hit it out of the ballpark!" -Cindy

"I love this box! I've never heard of the author! This is going to be a real treat. And the novel treasure will come in quite handy!" -Ann