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What is The Outlandish Book Box?

It is a one-time, themed gift box packed with both treasures and treats carefully curated for the Outlander Super Fan in anticipation and preparation for the ninth novel in the series - scheduled to be released November 23, 2021.

Is it a subscription box?

Dinna fash. It is NOT a subscription box because it is a one-time book box available for a limited time via PRE-ORDER in May 2021. There is no subscription. It has all the fun and flair of a subscription box without actually being a subscription box.

How does it work?

The Outlandish Book Box is available only by PRE-ORDERING before May 29, 2021. No sales after May 29 at 11:59pm.

Why would I get one?

The purpose of The Outlandish Book Box is:

  • To bridge the gap while you wait for the ninth novel to drop
  • Designed with the Outlander Super Fan in mind - I ken what you like because I am a super fan, too!
  • braw box o' fun centered around our favorite series


Please Read the Fine Print.

U.S. delivery only.

Available for a very LIMITED TIME.

This is a PRE-ORDER. Boxes ship the first week of July 2021. 

Please note - No returns. All sales are final.

Not affiliated with Diana Gabaldon, Starz, or the Outlander franchise. The Outlandish Book Box is from one fan to another.