Shh! I'm Reading Fabric Face Mask

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Picture this: You've settled into the pages of your latest must-read at your local cafe/library/park bench/restaurant/beach/bar/bookstore. You are awash in the vivid imagery of the world that each word continues to create in your mind. You are so into the story, the setting, the characters that your mind begins to concoct a nice soundtrack to the movie playing in your head. And then it happens. Someone whips you back to reality with small talk. A question. A favor. Well, I say NO MORE.
In the age of pandemics, let this 100% polyester face mask do the talking for you. Shh! I'm Reading fabric face mask not only adds an extra layer of protection against "the Covid" but also against the marauders that would dare intrude on your adventure and rob you your precious page time.
NOTE: These are not medical-grade, and thus, not meant for medical use.


.: Elastic earloops
.: Two layers of cloth
.: One size