Ethan Frome Book Box

Ethan Frome Book Box

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In the mood for some Frosty Fiction? This book box features the perfect book with which to while away all the cold, winter nights at the start of the new year. Featuring Edith Warton's acclaimed Ethan Frome, the atmospheric classic begs to be read under a pile of warm blankets on cold, winter nights.

Alongside the 1911 classic novel is a novel treasure to add a little snap, crackle, and POP! "soundtrack" to your winter reading - a little something special handmade specifically for this Pretty Literate book box!

What's Inside?

  • a pretty paperback of Ethan Frome whose cover delivers winter vibes in spades - a story that has been vetted by decades upon decades of pretty literate people as well as our very own Monthly Book Club subscribers! 
  • a bookish souvenir that is both clever and unique, perfect for wintertime reading
  • perks - As a book box buyer, you automatically have front-of-the-line access to the Monthly Book Club since the number of spots is limited.

What's the buzz about this book box?

"This is one I have wanted to read for awhile..." -Lynda

"You have once again selected a title I’ve always heard of, but that never made it onto my TBR list—until now!" -Ann