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Black No More Book Box

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Our February 2024 Book Box is going to be one to remember! Not only does it feature the perfect classic book to read in February, but it is one you will look forward to rereading for years to come. Cheeky, clever, and utterly unforgettable.

Alongside this 1931 classic novel is a novel treasure to help you maintain (or achieve) a youthful glow and I have to say, I nailed it with this one.

What's Inside?

  • a pretty paperback of the February 2024 classic whose cover alone tells a story you're going to want to read - one that has been vetted by decades upon decades of pretty literate people as well as our very own Monthly Book Club subscribers! 
  • a bookish souvenir that is both clever and unique, giving a subtle nod to the theme of the book in a way you'll love (and love to use over and over!)
  • perks - As a book box buyer, you automatically have front-of-the-line access to the Monthly Book Club since the number of spots is limited.

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Be the first to create the buzz for this book box by pre-ordering it and receive it at the same time our Monthly Book Club members receive theirs...and as a surprise, too!