Uncovering the Mystery of What's Inside the Agatha Christie Book Box

Just like everything is shrouded in mystery aboard a classic Whodunnit like Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express, your book box is filled with clever clues, awesome novel treasures, and an almost immersive bookish experience.

If you have never read Murder on the Orient Express (or it has been a while), stop reading here. Allow your mind to ponder the clues alongside the famous detective Hercule Poirot as you enjoy one of Agatha Christie's greatest mysteries of all time.

Figure out how each item fits into the novel in real time as you read.

When you finish the book, come back here and scroll wayyyyy down to see if you've uncovered each clue correctly!

I hope you enjoy your trip this holiday season aboard the famed Orient Express.

Happy Holidays. 

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Now that you've finished the novel, how did you do on uncovering the mystery behind what was included in your book box? 

Let's go through each of the novel treasures one at a time and I'll share why I included each one.

1. Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express

Being one of her best loved books, there were a LOT of covers to choose from when it came to which copy to feature in this book box. I chose this one because I knew I wanted a hardbound edition, firstly. I also wanted an edition that evoked a holiday season feeling and the bright red cover with gold accents did that perfectly, don't you think?

2. Letter Opener

When I was searching for novel treasures that would be the perfect accompaniment to a classic Whodunnit, I knew I had to include the murder weapon. I wanted to do it in as unassuming a manner as possible, so a dagger-shaped letter opener was the obvious choice. Since I had the option to get it engraved, I knew I wanted to include even that as a clue. A motivation, if you will.

3. Pen

Honestly, I was elated when I found the dagger-shaped letter opener could be bought as a set complete with a pen. It seemed like something that would easily fit on the Colonel's desk, so I splurged to include both. The pen is another reminder of motive.

4. Red Velvet Pouch with the Daisy Ring

The adjustable Daisy ring was the most on-the-nose motivation for the murder included in the book box. I wanted to give you something that felt like a Christmas gift in this box since it was scheduled to arrive around the holidays and the daisy ring in the red velvet pouch was perfect. 

5. Agatha ChrisTEA

These were too awesome to pass up! Not only is the artwork spot on for this novel in particular, but a nice cup of tea was one of the beverages mentioned. You can check out the menu from Murder on the Orient Express here.

6. Library Due Date Card

I love including a book-specific book mark in each book box and have been waiting for just the right book to do an old-school Library Due Date Card bookmark. Since there were twelve suspects, Murder on the Orient Express presented me with the book I've been waiting for in this regard. The previous patrons on the card were all suspects in the murder. The year they checked out the book was also the year it was published.

7. Poirot's Mustache

What would a book box featuring Agatha Christie's beloved Hercule Poirot be without some mustachioed representation? They are to stick somewhere fun or to give to your kids/grandkids.

8. Poirot's Socks

There's a saying, “You can't understand someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes.” Well, I decided to send the next best thing in your book box - Poirot's socks! Since you were going to be on the sleuth with Hercule himself, I included a little something to help you follow in his footsteps. And if they didn't help you solve the murder, I thought they'd at least keep your feet warm. You know, with the snow storm and all. 

We've had a great time aboard the Orient Express, haven't we?

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