TKAM and yesteryear

This so reminded me of going to church growing up. My mom always gave us a quarter to give in the offering each Sunday and it always felt like such an honor to be able to contribute it to the offering.

I haven't thought about that in soooooo long. I loved being reminded of that (and so many other things from my childhood growing up in Alabama) reading this month's book. 

Which parts reminded you of your childhood in To Kill a Mockingbird?

What a couple of our members shared

"There are so many - the baton, running feral during the summer, having entire days either by myself or with a friend to have adventures sans adult supervision, all the summertime-in-Alabama descriptions, house help that felt more like family, school time, fancy dress for church, knowing your neighbors, communal parenting…"

"Too much to list, actually. But we also would get ten-fifteen cents to give in the offering at Sunday School. As ugly as some parts of life in Alabama in the 60s was, I was protected from the ugliness of racism both by my innocence and by my grandmother only answering what I sometimes asked. The rest of the story was very nostalgic to me as we were raised by people who were young adults during the time period of the story and so the manners and the way of speaking and descriptions of the weather, outdoor play, locations, furnishings, etc. feel like home to me."