TKAM and fraud

On p. 228, I wrote this in the margin:

Do I perpetrate fraud against myself?

And I think the answer kind of surprised me because I have.

I do.

Primarily, I think I have a resting angry face. My "thoughtful, listening face" usually is interpreted as upset, mad, or angry. My whole life I've been asked if I was okay, was something wrong, or something similar. It always surprised me because I was just being present and intently listening. But there you have it. My thoughtful face apparently looks upset and honestly, there's not really anything I can do about it. It's my face.

Secondly, I seldom bother to correct people when I learn that they have an incorrect view of me. I am an overly sensitive, soft-hearted, empathetic woman that cares way too much about feelings (mine, yours, everyones), but somehow (maybe my resting angry face is to blame?) people have pegged me as haughty or insensitive, and honestly, that is a far cry from what's going on behind my face. But like I said, I seldom bother to correct people.

So yeah, I think I perpetrate fraud against myself.

Do you?

What a couple of our members shared

"Hmmm. An interesting question. I’m not sure what my resting face looks like to others - I guess it’s not too bad bc I’ve not had any comments about that effect. When I walk around people always smile at me so maybe I look like I’m smiling? I have felt out of place before, many times, but I’m not sure if that is fraud against myself. I HAVE struggled sometimes if I’m in a really nice, expensive hotel or store or restaurant; I love to get dressed up to go to these places but most of the time I feel like I don’t belong there, or that people can tell I’m from a poorer family upbringing (monetarily). Is that being fraudulent towards myself? Idk."

"That is a thought provoking question. I have said several times that one day I hope to be as good as people seem to think I am. Many seem to have a higher opinion of me than I do."