The War of the Worlds: Book 2, Chapter 2

TWO thoughts from this chapter of The War of the Worlds -


  2. Love the glimpse forward to after the war with the Martians - that there WILL be an afterward for mankind. (Reminded me of how Tolkien did that in The Lord of the Rings.)

I loved Wells' detailed description of what the Martians looked like. Didn't you?

It gave me an idea...

  • Grab some paper and pen/pencil.
  • Reread the description of the Martians, sketching what you read.
  • Snap a photo with your phone.
  • Share¬†with me by sending me your sketch in email at If you email your sketch, I'll email you mine - something guaranteed to give you a good laugh. (Plus, I'll send you a link to the original illustration so you can see how close you were!)