The Grand Sophy & Charlbury

Charlbury is quite the dreamy catch and I love that in Chapter 14 we get to know who he really is better - without Sophy's scripting his every move.

He's quite the dreamboat, is he not?

What are your thoughts on Chapter 14?

And what thought do you think blindingly occurred to dear Charles in Amabel's sickroom on p. 266???

What some of our members thought

"I love Charlbury. When we first actually meet him, I loved his self-deprecating sense of humor and grew to love him more as we see him more often. He really is dreamboat material."

"I think that Charles saw in Sophy the ideal mother/caring figure and that was a side he wasn’t too familiar with; unbeknownst to him he had been growing to love her over time and in his head compare her and his fiancé. I think in that moment he realized that when he married, he would have children of his own, and the one he had chosen to marry was not who he really wanted to have and raise a family with and do life together after all. Sophy was the one!"

"I think Charles was stunned to suddenly see Sophy for who she was (and how literally everyone else sees her) - like the scales fell from his eyes and he was no longer blinded by Eugenia's poisonous influence."