The Grand Sophy & Augustus Fawnhope

I literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD when I read at the bottom of p. 24 -

"Augustus will be remembered long after you have sunk into oblivion!" to which Charles replies (in what I hear in my head as a very dry voice), "By his creditors? I don't doubt it."

OH MY STARS!! 😂🤣 Cheeky retort!

I am loving the clever wit written into The Grand Sophy, aren't you??

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"That clever wit is what has kept me reading and reading Georgette Heyer for 50 years!! It never gets old; no matter how many times I have read one of her books, they can STILL make me laugh aloud!!" ❤️❤️❤️

"She is a literary genius!"

"Charles was quick with that one!"