The Grand Sophy & Pride and Prejudice

What I see in my mind's eye when I read (p. 131) -

"Lord Bromford...had made up his mind that Sophy would make him a suitable wife. ... He stayed for half an hour, imparting information to his hosts on such varied topics as the vegetation in Jamaica, and the effect of paregoric draughts upon the human system, and the Rivenhalls listened to him in stunned indignation..."

And again I was rolling when reading how the Rivenhalls concocted scenarios for Bromford's absences -

"when he was confined to his house for three days with an internal disorder he was held to have fought a duel for the sake of her fine eyes..."

- because they reminded me of this little cringey gem.

And then there's this - 

"If you want to see a rare picture, Sophy, peep in at the drawing-room window! My mother is sound asleep on one sofa, and the Marquesa on another." 

- and I cannot help but see Mrs. Bennet in Lady Ombersley. Poor dear had a shock of nerves when told about the party invitees numbering 500 and returned to her vinaigrette and hartshorn revive herself. 

So, so many similarities with Pride and Prejudice, don't you think?