The Enchanted April (zip your lip)

Have you ever been "filled with a curious and surely unchristian desire to stay and fight" when you feel you've been wronged like Mrs. Arbuthnot toward Mrs. Fisher on p. 113?

What some of our members said:

"Oh yeah, but when I did, most of the time I didn’t have a sense of accomplishment. I just felt…..unfulfilled, for lack of a better word." -C

"When I was younger, I felt that way a lot more often and responded to that feeling more often as well. As I got older I found that being right doesn’t always make one happier and so I may fume on the inside for a little bit (depending on how egregiously I feel I’ve been wronged) but most likely won’t act on it. It really depends on the gravity of the perceived wrong as to whether I just let it pass or speak up; usually I decide it’s not worth the emotional stress. One of the best parts about getting older is seeing that more and more “wrongs” are just not a big deal. Dr. Phil even says- 'You can be right, or you can be happy. So decide which one you want to be.'" -L

"All. The. Time. Sheesh. But I think I am getting better at learning to keep my mouth closed the older I get. I used to think I could not have an unspoken thought, but now I know I am more than capable of zipping my lip." -E