The Enchanted April (and why you got those rose-scented bath bombs)

Chapter 14's bath incident with Mr. Wilkins is the inspiration behind the choice of bath bombs for your book box's novel treasures.

In addition, I chose the rose scented bath bombs to pay homage to the garden, which almost feels like it's own character in The Enchanted April.

If you've pampered yourself with one of them already, the profusion of color you saw was nothing short of spectacular in the bath. Was it not?

A moment of pampering was my gift to you with this book box's novel treasure. I cannot send you to Italy, but I can bring a little of von Arnim's pampering Italian castle to you.

I hope you enjoyed an aha! moment when you read chapter 14 and I hope you enjoy several ahhhhh moments as you enjoy this book box's novel treasures.