The basics of the geography of The Grand Sophy

There are going to be a great many geographical references that we have no context for living on this side of the pond, so I wanted to give you a little visual help in picturing them in your mind's eye as you read.

Charles' family home is on Berkeley Square, which you can see in relation to the famous Grosvenor Square (and Brook Street where Eugenia's family lives) on the map above.

The Rivenhall family lives in a house described as 

"a big one, at the corner" (p. 89)

...which reminded me of HBO's recent hit The Gilded Age and the HUMONGOUS house the Russells' (representative of the Vanderbilts) built on the corner.

Eugenia's family lived on Brook Street which appears to be a very swanky location with its proximity to Grosvenor Square (see closer view on map below).

Here's a regency town house on Brook Street, so we can picture Eugenia receiving Charles there in chapter 5.

What a couple of our members thought:

"I can see Eugenia living there and I also think that proximity to the 'ton' makes her think that she can offer unsolicited (and sometimes unwarranted) guidance to others."

"I've always wondered about the setting. I love maps, especially in books, so this helps me picture it all so much better."