Nella Larsen's Passing (and Irene Redfield)

As much as we loved to hate Clare Kendry, Mrs. Irene Redfield gave us pause to think and feel some things about her, as well. I think she is yin to Clare's yang.

What do you think of Irene Redfield?

Here's what some of our members thought:

"So does Irene think Passing is a good thing or not? Does she do it only when it is advantageous for her? Does she look down on those who do?" -C

"She seems to be someone who has everything she’s ever wanted and wants to keep it that way. But although she is honest with herself, she is not in some dealings with others. It’s a curious personality trait. She longs to know that she is loved by her husband but when she opens her mouth so much comes out that would seem to act to drive him away! And then there she is inside her head asking herself “why did I say that? Why did I react that way? That’s not what I meant to say!” and etc." -L

"I am like 'oh, Irene, why did you go over to Clare's apartment?' 🤦🏻‍♀️ It just seems like chaos and turmoil is about to hit the fan and I am uncomfortable, it's like the shoe is about to drop. Irene said after their initial reunion that she was done with Clare and I wish she would have held firm...but that wouldn't make much of a novel, would it?" -M