First Impressions: Undine Spragg

What were you first impressions of Undine?

Here's what our members said -

"Social climber. New money. Spoiled by her parents. Something maybe a bit shady from her past."

"Never content. Places too much value on things and appearances. Will never be happy."

"She is spoiled and sneaky."

"My first impression of Undine Spragg is that of “arrested development." Single-minded narcissistic acquisitiveness and petulance just like a toddler who wants what they want when they want it and when thwarted, will resort to tantrums or sullenness until they get their way. Which begs the question - Why is society so ready to overlook bad behavior from someone deemed especially attractive?"

"I told my husband Undine Spragg reminds me of Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryShe’s such a selfish brat so far!"