Connecting with the Characters inside The Custom of the Country

I liked Ralph Marvell.

He was romantic.

He was a poet.

He didn't need flashy stuff to be content.

He was not easily impressed by wealth.

He enjoyed the outdoors - and his idea for their honeymoon was VERY appealing to me!

He kind of reminded me a lot of my husband. 

Which character did you connect with the most easily, and why?

Here's what a few of our members said - 

"In a cast of characters that reminds me of the drama “Yellowstone”, where there really aren’t any “good guys” and the whole thing is a train wreck you can’t stop watching, it took me a few minutes to decide that Laurel Fairford is the one I made the best connection with. She loves her brother and her family; she understands loyalty; she immediately steps in to take care of a little boy who needs love and attention and order; she sees what needs to be done and she steps up in the name of family to do it. Family is extremely important to me and the way she was quietly taking care of business with no thought of “what’s in it for her” impressed me very much."

"I agree about Ralph."

"It sure as heck isn't Undine."