After The Grand Sophy

I hope that you absolutely loved The Grand Sophy as much as I did. Honestly, I assume that you DID love it as much as I did which is why I asked Lynda (the Georgette Heyer megafan that introduced me to The Grand Sophy) for her Top 10 Georgette Heyer Recs for those of us that want to add more Heyer into our reading diets.

If you feel like you want more Heyer in your life, below are Lynda's Top 10 Georgette Heyer Recs (in no particular order) to check out next.

  1. Venetia
  2. The Convenient Marriage
  3. Cotillion
  4. Arabella
  5. The Talisman Ring
  6. The Black Sheep
  7. Frederica
  8. The Unknown Ajax
  9. The Foundling
  10. Sylvester

Personally, I've landed on Arabella as my next Georgette Heyer because Lynda said this about it - 

"Arabella is a story about a much younger heroine, the daughter of a country rector who has been brought up in a large and loving family under the strict eye of her father. She definitely makes her mark in London society and her strongest qualities are when she perceives an injustice and takes matters into her own hands; young or not, her sense of moral integrity involves not only herself but others (especially the hero!) in surprising situations that make for a wonderfully funny and romantic and sweet story."

- and that sounds awesome to me.