A Sneak Peek at What's Coming Soon!

I'm so excited you were able to get one of the very limited Blind Date with a Book Boxes featuring Georgette Heyer's Regency Romance novel, Venetia. I loved researching a title to feature from Heyer's whopping 37 Regency Romances and a huge THANK YOU goes out to my sister, Lynda, for first introducing me to Heyer's writings in 2021. It was through my own experience on a hugely successful "first blind date" with Heyer's characters that led me to curate a book box in 2022 for the Monthly Book Club, a book box that quickly became one of the top three for the entire year! It is because of her overwhelming popularity in our Book Club that I decided to create the Blind Date with a Book Box - to share Heyer on a larger scale and with a wider audience of readers - including you!

A Look Ahead

I know you're eager to cuddle up with Venetia and all the goodies included in your Blind Date with a Book Box, so THANK YOU for taking a moment to peek ahead at what's coming soon at Pretty Literate.

February - There are a few book boxes in stock to help you celebrate Black History Month in February and will be sharing those as well as some awesome titles to check out all through the month. Make sure to Follow Pretty Literate on your favorite social sites to see those in your feeds. 

March - The Monthly Book Club will open to new members in March (just one of only a few times this year). Spots are limited. I encourage you to check out the Monthly Book Club level, as Book Club level members are the only ones who are guaranteed a spot in one of the upper levels of membership when we open up.

April - Spring will be in the air in April and I've got a great giveaway planned to celebrate it!

May - The 2nd Seasonal Book Box will be announced and the theme is going to be a Summer Road Trip! Shhhh...you're the only one I've told. (Squeals!)