A Christmas Memory & Southern Hospitality

I worked part of my way through college working at Southern Living, so obviously I thought this article about Southern Hospitality was spot on. 😬

What role do you think Southern Hospitality plays in The Thanksgiving Visitor?

What some of our members thought - 

"Inviting people over, bringing food to add to it, extending to strangers."

"'Having grace under pressure and making others feel welcome and comfortable is also part of the Southern charm.' Do you think this is (at least in part) why the bully received the treatment he did on Thanksgiving?"

"I think that politeness, home cooking, charity, kindness and charm were all abundantly clear at Buddy’s Thanksgiving dinner. And those things are what I remember about Thanksgiving meals growing up, and what I strive to create for our family Thanksgivings, as well. We have several times invited others to join us for the day, including strangers (soldiers who were away from home) and members of other families who had to be away from those families for some reason. We have helped prepare and deliver whole meals through different churches in the places we have lived. Thanksgiving really is a full day celebration with our family. It is my husband’s and my favorite holiday of the year."