Miss Cayley's Adventures Book Box

Miss Cayley's Adventures Book Box

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Pack your proverbial bags and get ready to have a real adventure with the intelligent and resourceful Miss Cayley, a practically penniless Englishwoman who decided to set off on a life of adventure - an intriguing and counter-cultural idea for a lady in 1899!

At a time when most women are concerned with making a good match, Miss Cayley concerns herself with making a good life - and that involves adventures!

Become an adventuress alongside Miss Cayley in this late 1800s classic featuring a couple of novel treasures that will keep you guessing!

What's Inside?

  • a period-appropriate pastel edition of Miss Cayley's Adventures by Grant Allen - a novel vetted by over a century of pretty literate people as well as our very own Monthly Book Club subscribers! 
  • two novel treasures - one perfectly suited to accompany you through the pages of this classic, the other providing a satisfying a-ha! moment while you read
  • perks - As a book box buyer, you automatically have front-of-the-line access to the Monthly Book Club when it reopens to new subscribers since the number of spots is limited.

What's the buzz about this book box?

"My Book Box had a little adventure! Thanks again for another great box!" -Cindy

"It looks like such an enjoyable read!" -Ann

"Oh my gosh! So perfect! Looking forward to reading this. Treasures are great!" -Judy