Sherlock Holmes Book Box

Sherlock Holmes Book Box

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If the cost of gas is causing you to reconsider your summer travel plans in favor of more affordable getaways, I think you're going to enjoy the Sherlock Holmes Book Box.

The Book

What better way to escape the summer heat and avoid the rising gas prices than a reading staycation? I've got the perfect book picked out - a beautiful hardbound edition of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's beloved classic The Hound of the Baskervilles. You'll love the feel of the cloth cover and enjoy the fun extras included in this beautiful book - a prized edition to add to your personal library.

The Souvenirs

What's a trip without proper souvenirs to remember it by? The Sherlock Holmes Book Box comes with SIX souvenirs that are just perfect, each one carefully chosen to pay homage to some aspect of the book, the main character, or his companions:

💭Some are thoughtful, like his landlady.

💡Some are brilliant, like the main character.

🧩Some are puzzling, like a good mystery.

😲Some are surprising, like the ending.

🤓All are clever. 

The Escape

This book transports the reader from a homey domestic scene as the book begins (much like where you'll be reading it?) to an eerie ancestral home nestled in the beautiful wilderness of Devonshire, England.

Walk the moors.

Enjoy your stay in a fancy ancestral estate.

Get to know the neighbors.

And in your free time, get your clever on and sleuth alongside the World's Greatest Detective.

It's a summer staycation you'll not soon forget!

This Summer Staycation costs less than a tank of gas, but the memories created will be priceless. 


It is NOT a subscription box because it is a one-time book box available for a limited time and in limited quantities.

There is no subscription.

It has all the fun and flair of a subscription box without actually being a subscription box.


We are offering a limited number of boxes.

They will be sold first-come, first-served until they are gone. 

They will be mailed in late June 2022* via the USPS.


The Sherlock Holmes Book Box is the perfect gift:

  • For yourself (of course!)

  • For an upcoming birthday

  • To celebrate a milestone

  • As a pick-me-up

  • For someone reading their way through the classics

  • To compliment Pretty Literate's Monthly Book Box Subscription

After long days at work this summer, wouldn't it be a treat to have nighttime adventures running around the mysteriously strange moors from the comfort of your favorite reading spot? 


Limited Quantity.

U.S. delivery only.

Boxes ship immediately. 

Please note - No returns.

All sales are final.

*If the current USPS delays affect the timing of your shipment, Pretty Literate will notify you via email. Pretty Literate reserves the right to switch shipping providers based on real-time shipping options.