Your Holiday Bookshelf Inspiration


To inspire you as you deck the halls this holiday season, I shared 18 Awesome Ways to Add Bookish Flair to Your Holiday Decorating last week.

This week I wanted to narrow the focus to our bookshelves, that functional piece of furniture that we all have to house our obsession with the written word.

If you're someone who can create a Pinterest-worthy shelf situation, I tip my hat to you.

For the rest of us, I've collected the best of what I found online to help you with Your Holiday Bookshelf Inspiration.

The K.I.S.S. Principle

Keep It Simple Sweetie. And I do mean simple. Don't seek to fill every nook and cranny of your shelves with holiday tchotchkes. This is the whole "less is more" idea applied to your holiday decorating and it can revolutionize our decor choices this month.


All About Color

One theme I saw repeated in a lot of shelfies online was the idea of sticking to a simple, limited color palette. This is so appealing to me because it prompts a peaceful spirit. And couldn't we all use a little more peace this time of year? Pick a color (or two!) and decorate your bookshelves to highlight only shades of that color (or colors).


Holiday Mood

Similar to All About Color (above) is what I call the Holiday Mood. Another super simple decorating strategy that engenders a calm, peaceful feeling, the Holiday Mood chooses a theme and decorates your shelves according to that theme only. I think this decor idea is the best for someone like myself that has a holiday-themed collection (nativities, candy canes, snow, Christmas village...). Make book stacks on a few of your shelves and display your collectible atop your stack. What could be simpler?



It's A Wrap!

If you have the time and gift wrap to spare this holiday season, why not show how special each and every one of your books are on your shelves by wrapping them? This type of decorating defies the simplistic aspect of the first three ideas, but you have to admit that it packs a beautiful visual punch to your holiday bookshelves and marries well with the All About Color or Holiday Mood school of thought.

The links for these (as well as many more inspiring holiday bookshelf ideas) can be found on Pretty Literate's NEW Pinterest page. Check it out for more inspiring ideas!

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  • I love the ideas of all of these but for me I like the K.I.S.S method with a touch of color. Thanks for sharing the ideas

    Amy O
  • Beautiful ideas and worth exploring for all year, not just Christmas or other holidays! I am loving the KISS approach- it seems very much less stressful to be surrounded in a simple and clutter-free environment. Except for lots of sparkles for the holidays, of course!

    Lynda A

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