What Type of Reader Are You?

So many books, so little time.

Am I right?

It can be hard - nay, impossible! - to narrow the choices for the book that is just. right. for. you.

Until now.

To help you narrow the choices, Pretty Literate has developed this very unscientific (but fun!) quiz to help you to discover What Type of Reader You Are.*

Give yourself 1 point for all "A" answers, 0 points for all "B" answers.

Which is your favorite character type:

A. complex, multi-faceted characters
B. one-dimensional characters

Which setting do you prefer:

A. New & exciting locations
B. A very basic & boring, one-dimensional, never-changing location

Do you enjoy:

A. Complex storylines with intricately woven details that become clearer as the novel progresses
B. A novel with a storyline that you have figured out by chapter 3

What type of hero do you prefer in your novels:

A. Intelligent, thoughtful, capable heroes
B. Unbelievable, unrelatable, uninspiring heroes

Do you prefer:

A. Stories so well written they are worthy of being made into blockbuster movies
B. Stories that would have been better left unwritten

Which of these describes you better:

A. Curious, a good listener, attentive to details
B. Moronic, too talkative to hold a two-way conversation, clueless

Do you enjoy reading authors who:

A. Are noted for writing in the top percentile of their genré
B. Should definitely look into another profession

Are you drawn to books with:

A. Engaging, colorful covers
B. Ugly, poorly designed covers

Finish the sentence, I consider books:

A. Essential to a great life
B. A waste of time & trees

In my free time, I enjoy:

A. Reading, reading, more reading
B. Trolling bookish posts on social media in hopes of converting readers to non-readers

Awesome! Now tally your score. 

If you scored a "10," read on! You are a pretty literate reader, the type of reader for whom our next book box was created!

If you scored below a "10," you should still read on because our next book box is guaranteed* to catapult your score into the pretty literate reader category.

You see, in one week, we will be announcing the fourth and final book box of 2021!

In one week, you will know the author we've chosen to spotlight in the fourth and final book box!

In one week, you will understand the clues we've been sharing across social media!

In one week, you will thrill to know the much-anticipated title that will be featured in this, our last book box of 2021!

In one week, you will find out all the details right here on this blog, along with hundreds of other pretty literate readers like you!


In just a few days, a select few will find out first!

In just a few days, a select few will have pre-launch privileges to the box - which will be offered in limited quantities & on a first-come, first-served basis!

In just a few days, a select few will enjoy front-of-the-line access to our fourth and final book box!

In just a few days, a select few will enjoy exclusive access to what will be The Best Book Box of 2021!

Make sure YOU are in that select few.



*This Cheeky Quiz is meant for entertainment purposes only.



  • Woot! 10 here!

  • Yay- I’m finally a 10!!!!! 😆

    Lynda A

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