Unboxing the Little Women Book Box

Baby, it's cold outside. ❄️

And we're not just talking about the plunging temperatures. We're talking snow and ice kind of cold.

And not just here in Texas (which is unusual behavior for Southern weather), but across the entire United States. No matter where you live, the temps have dropped to well below normal and the whole country has had the chance this week to enjoy several days of real, bona fide winter weather. (Can I get a High 5?) ✋🏼

To celebrate, we shared an unboxing on Monday's Pretty Literate LIVE that celebrated this snap of wintry weather - the fourth and final Seasonal Book Box of 2023. (If you prefer to watch, click here or on the photo below to watch a replay of our 24 minute unboxing.)

If you missed that unboxing and don't have 24 minutes to watch the replay, fret not. I know you're curious as to what goes into a Pretty Literate Book Box. I know you want to know why we chose the featured classic and how the novel treasures relate to the novel. I know you're curious because I'm a reader just. like. you.


If you've been curious to see what went into the Little Women Book Box, grab a steaming cup of something, sit back, and enjoy this blog unboxing of last year's fourth and final Seasonal Book Box featuring Louisa May Alcott's beloved 1868 classic, Little Women.

If you were one of the lucky few that were able to get one of our limited edition Little Women Book Boxes, grab your own warm cuppa something delicious and enjoy learning a little more about the making of that Seasonal Book Box you so loved. 

A Bit of Background

I knew before we turned the first calendar page of last year that I wanted to offer Little Women as the fourth and final Seasonal Book Box of 2023. It has such a homey holiday vibe and just the thought of the March family evokes a warm & fuzzy feeling in so many of us, that feeling of Christmas that makes the end of the year merry and bright. Alongside the "feel-good" feeling, Little Women also imbues a spirit of family, sacrifice, siblings, and young love. It tells the tales of four independent & feisty young females, little women with a whole lot of spunk and sass for a novel focusing on the gentler sex - especially for a novel published in the mid-19th century. For all of these reasons, I was delighted (and eager!) to share this American classic for Pretty Literate's end-of-the-year, holiday book box.

The Collector's Edition

You're bookish, so you know.

You know there are at least fourteen options from which to pick when it comes to book-buying. And that number is grossly exaggerated when you're considering a classic novel. When I first began perusing editions of Little Women, I found several that I liked - and that I knew you would like, too. But it wasn't until I discovered Laci Fowler's hand painted cover that I knew I found the edition that was perfect for this book box. (And when it comes to curating a book box, the perfect edition is essential. You know.)

The Inspiration

There are a dozen different directions to go when curating a book box, especially one featuring a book that is beloved by millions like Alcott's Little Women. Sometimes decision fatigue sets in, pumping the brakes to progress when there are so many ideas swirling around in your head. Thankfully, early in the planning process I came across this quote from young Amy March, which became the inspiration behind the novel treasures chosen to accompany the novel.

The Pivotal Piece

"It's nothing but limes now." As soon as I read that line, I knew I needed to include something edible that was lime-flavored (but not actual limes because what the heck?). Beyond including it, the limes were the pivotal piece because they were pivotal to Amy and the girls in her class. And you'd think that finding something lime-flavored would be a simple task...but you'd be wrong. OH-SO-WRONG. It was a weeks-long process of discovery and dejection (on repeat, no less!) until I finally stumbled across Chesebro's Confections Wicked Sour Lime Candy - the PERFECT pucker upper!

The Wow Factor

It's difficult to think of Alcott's beloved novel without images being conjured in your head from one (or more) of the seven screen adaptations that have been made, all of which at some point inevitably show the sisters bundling up to brave the winter weather, including a scarf. Because of that association, I knew a seasonal scarf would be a brilliant bookish souvenir, and once I found this luxuriant 6-foot, cashmere scarf in muted winter colors, I knew I had found that something special with which to WOW you.

Pretty + Practical

One of the items for which Amy and her classmates traded their limes included "beaded rings," of which you might be as surprised as I was to discover that there is a healthy variety from which to choose! Narrowing down the choices was made a little simpler by Laci Fowler's silver lettering on the painted cover of the edition chosen for this book box. Knowing that the book box would be delivered at the start of the Christmas season, when I came across these adjustable, beaded stress rings, I knew I had found just what I was looking for to represent - something both pretty & practical, as the holiday season can be the most stressful time of the year. A real two-for-one novel treasure that will be worn year 'round.

On Point

Another item Amy and her classmates traded for limes was pencils and what feels more Christmasy than winter white Number 2s with red lettering? I gathered a handful of quotes directly out of Little Women and asked Simon to find a company with which he could work to design the perfect pencils exclusively for this book box, writing instruments that truly would be "on point" with both Amy's school class and this wintertime theme.

(He knocked this one out of the ballpark, don't you agree?)


One of my favorite parts of the big Seasonal Book Boxes is either finding or creating a unique bookmark to commemorate our time inside the pages of the featured classic. Since I fell head-over-heels in love with the painted cover edition of Little Women, I began searching for a bookmark that would do it justice. I kept coming up empty until I discovered a company that would work with me to design a bookmark exclusively for this Pretty Literate Book Box. Using the same color scheme, I personally designed the one-of-a-kind bookmark included in the Little Women Book Box to complement the collector's edition of the novel that I knew everyone would love. (It is so special to be able to add such a personal touch to one of our book boxes like this.)

What's Next?

I hope you enjoyed the blog unboxing of the Little Women Book Box, including all the behind-the-scenes steps along the way as we painstakingly picked every piece with particular attention to details.

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