This or That?

Pretty Literate Presents "This or That" - a fun way to get to know yourself and your reading style a little better.

How to Play:

Give yourself 1 point for each A answer and 1 point for each B answer. Add them up at the end and follow the directions for what to do next. Simple, right?

Question 1:

A. Modern Medicine

B. Herbal Remedies

Question 2:

A. French pastry

B. English scone

Question 3:

A. Doctor Who

B. Downton Abbey

Question 4:

A. Whiskey

B. Wine

Question 5:

A. Coffee

B. Tea

Question 6:

A. Circles

B. Squares

Question 7:

A. Bedroom

B. Living Room

Question 8:

A. Leather

B. Lace

Question 9:

A. Hermit

B. Social Butterfly

Question 10:

A. Mountain Air

B. Small town charm


Tally your score for A.

Tally your score for B.

Now What?

Click here if you scored higher points for A.

Click here if you scored higher points for B. 

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  • Mine was exactly even!!


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