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What is your LEAST favorite word being (over)used these days?

You know that word (or phrase) that is tossed around ad nauseam...and makes you feel a little sick or angry?

YES! Apparently our Facebook Community knew exactly what I was talking about and they weren't shy about chiming in with their own!
At last count, there were 84 comments, including these top 10 (ie. my favorites):
  1. Journey - David
  2. Your truth. -DeeDee
  3. Closure. - Kristen
  4. "Reach out. It means somebody wants you to do something you probably don't want to do." - Joseph
  5. Unpack. - Stephen
  6. Literally "literally." - Thomas
  7. Karen. - Diana
  8. "Amazing. Not everything is." - Tina
  9. Oof. - Simon
  10. Pivot. - Greg (which Greg and I enjoyed a back-and-forth about because Pivot makes me think of Ross from Friends moving the couch on the stairwell, and makes him wish people would say "adjust" like they used to say.)


We are having a lot of fun on the Facebook Group and I invite you to join in by following us on the Facebook page. In addition to daily kicks and giggles, we just began a Weekly Virtual Lunch Date a couple of days ago (Wednesdays at 1pm Central). It's super informal, so come as you are.

In February we will kick off a Monthly Third Thursday Book Club (7pm Central) where we will have all the fun of a virtual Book Club, but you get to read whatever you want. It will be a ton of fun and you will leave with some good new titles to check out and {hopefully} some great new friends.

Both of these events will be posted & pinned to the top of the Facebook Page the day of, so it is important to join our online Facebook Community by LIKING and FOLLOWING our page to get the latest.

I look forward to connecting with you in 2021.

Ericka at Pretty Literate

Psst! Check out my Book Club Collection here.


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