The Best Gift You Didn't Know You Needed to Give This Holiday Season

The holiday season is about to ramp up for 2021.

    Before you begin to navigate the gamut of gift options, I want you to consider The Best Gift You Didn't Know You Needed to Give This Holiday Season.

    This gift:

    • is an invitation.
    • initiates connection.
    • involves community.
    • instigates friendships.
    • is the gift that keeps on giving.
    • is for all the bookish people.
    • is {thankfully!} budget-friendly.

    So, what is The Best Gift You Didn't Know You Needed to Give This Holiday Season?


    It is the gift of Community.

    Yes, the gift of community.

    Pretty Literate is about community. It is about growth. It is about bringing people together around a great book. People that would never have had the chance to meet in real life are becoming friends. People from diverse backgrounds. People with experiences similar to your own, as well as people with experiences vastly different from your own.

    All coming together in community.

    All connecting over the pages of a book.

    You see, Pretty Literate's Classics Community is more than a monthly book box subscription. It is an invitation to a private community of avid readers like yourself. Readers that want to form connections in what they read. Readers that want to get to know characters (& the authors that created them) more intimately. Readers that want to experience a novel, not just read it.

    Readers that are actually accomplishing their classic reading goals. Together. In community. One month at a time.

    The Best Gift You DIdn't Know You Needed to Give This Holiday Season is the one that sets Y-O-U up for success in 2022.

    It is the gift that effortlessly positions you to achieve YOUR classic reading goals in 2022.

    That is why our Black Friday Deal this year is all about Y-O-U.

    ✔️ You've been looking for the perfect book box subscription.

    ✔️ You've been looking for just the right moment to join.

    ✔️ Pretty Literate is offering that to YOU. Right here. Right now.

    Come join us. Grow with us. Get to know us. Explore new titles & new authors with us.

    We have only a few spots left and one of them has YOUR NAME written all over it. Come and claim it!

    I'll include a FREE GIFT in your first book box for just for joining us during our Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal.

    A deal made exclusively for YOU.

    Check out what some of our members are saying about The Classics Community.


    Be a friend and invite a friend (or two!) to join you on the inside by midnight on Cyber Monday and when they subscribe, I'll send them a FREE GIFT in their first box, too!

    Tell them to share your name in the NOTES section at checkout and BOTH of you will receive a FREE GIFT exclusively for new subscribers in your first shipment (January 2022)!

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