Maybe you've wondered what makes our book boxes land five star reviews like this one from Ann B. -

- or makes our happy customers want to share their happiness on social media like -


Whatever your reasons are for checking out our last book box of 2021, I'm glad you are!

Why? Because I believe that

the fall book box,

the fourth book box,

the final book box

is going to be THE BEST BOOK BOX OF 2021! 


In anticipation of today's big announcement right here, right now, on this blog, I've been sharing hints - clues, if you will - to the theme of our next book box, which happens to be the fourth and final book box of 2021.

Social Media posts that hint at the genre, the author, and even the exact title.

Perhaps you've seen them on our social sites like Facebook or Instagram?

We've enjoyed interacting with you as you puzzled it out, as you made guesses (and then refined them as new clues were shared).

Now the time has come to see if what you've been thinking & guessing was right. 

Genre 🔎

If you've guessed the genre to be Mystery, congratulations!

Author ✏️

Think you've guessed who the author of our mystery is?

  • If you guessed she's a woman, you're right! 🚺
  • If you've guessed she's British, right again! 🇬🇧
  • If you've guessed she's created not one, but TWO lovable detectives, you're right again! 🕵🏻‍♀️🕵🏻‍♂️

Did you also know that some say she is the most widely published author in the world, second only to the Bible and Shakespeare? 📚

Did you also know that she dabbled in a few romance novels (using the pen name Mary Westmacott)? 💞

Did you know that at least 30 films have been made from the tales she's told? 🍿

Did you know that at the World Mystery Convention (May 2000) she was crowned Mystery Writer of the CENTURY? (And one of her beloved detective series was named Mystery Series of the Century, as well!) 😲


Let's focus on a specific title now.

For a brief refresh, here are a couple of those clues that I sprinkled on Pretty Literate's social sites recently:

Really check them out.

Read the verbiage.

Study them.

Now, let's look at what you've come up with. Put on your sleuth's hat, lick the proverbial pencil, and let's review our notes.


✔️ A female British Mystery writer.

✔️ One of the most widely published authors in the world.

✔️ Mountainous setting.

✔️ Snow.

✔️ Train.

Think you know?

Click here to see if you're right!

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