Summer Staycation Ideas, Part 2

Remember when I shared that I had pretty big plans this summer that, because of the soaring cost of gas, I had to reconsider in favor of more affordable getaways?

I'm back this week with Part 2 in that summer blog series - Summer Staycation Ideas - so if you're still feeling the pinch at the pump like I am, keep reading.

In Part 1, I shared an epic Summer Staycation Idea that cost less than a tank of gas. (Click here to check it out.)

In Part 2, I am sharing a couple more Summer Staycation Ideas that will cost even less than that!

Climb aboard Doctor Who's T.A.R.D.I.S. because we are traveling through both space & time to visit...

Summer Staycation Idea #1

The Book

What better way to escape the summer heat and avoid the rising gas prices than a reading staycation - and this one takes place during that beloved time in British history that is most famously attributed to Jane Austen. 

This Austen-adjacent classic has it all:

  • a feisty yet capable female lead
  • complicated family relationships
  • spunky characters
  • travel
  • family
  • romance
  • intrigue
  • reputation-ruining rumors
  • frustrating yet hilarious misunderstandings

And it's all wrapped in a super satisfying ending. Like, it was topped-with-a-beautiful-bow type of satisfying.

The Souvenir

What's a trip without a proper souvenir to remember it by? This summer staycation comes with one novel treasure (handmade from Sarah at Once Again Sam - a small, woman-owned business out of South Carolina that will knock your socks off!). This souvenir will leave you scratching your head for most of the book, but I promise it will become obvious as your read your way through the pages of this perfectly summer-y book why I chose it.

The Escape

The author of this book transports the reader from the here-and-now back to London during the height of its heyday during the Regency Era, a time when where one resided was based on the social season, when horse-drawn carriages were the mode of transport, and women had smelling salts on hand to recover from fainting and men knew absolutely everything. (Read that last part dripping with sarcasm.) 

Into this world of order, stations, and expectations, the leading lady in this gem of a classic bursts onto the scene as gracefully as a bull in a China shop, upsetting every carefully placed social nuance in her wake.

And I mean that in the absolutely BEST possible way!

If you're jonesing for an adventure into the past with a woman that knows her worth, The Grand Sophy Book Box is the perfect summer staycation for you!

If your ideal summer locale revolves around water instead of the hustle and bustle of Regency London, consider yourself packed and ready for this second summer staycation idea. 

Summer Staycation Idea #2

The Book

After long, hot days of work this summer, wouldn't it be a treat to settle into your favorite, cool reading spot to have a nighttime adventure on the open water?

You will definitely have an unforgettable seafaring adventure with this Pulitzer Prize winning novel - whether you savor it slowly, or tackle it as a one-day getaway.

The Souvenir

What's a trip without a proper souvenir to remember it by and the souvenir for this novel is one you will absolutely love - poolside, at the beach, or in the privacy of your own bath - from the awesome New Jersey-based business, East 'N Blue.

The Escape

The Old Man and the Sea won the author the Pulitzer Prize in 1953 for his short story and it continues to rank as his #1 book of all time in list after list. If you're looking for a quick, but deep read, Hemingway's "fish tale" is the way to go. The Old Man and the Sea Book Box is your summer staycation that will leave you feeling like you've:

  • Sampled the freshest fish.
  • Enjoyed lazy days floating along in the current.
  • Experienced Shark Week cruising the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Tried your hand at deep sea fishing.
  • Met the locals.
  • Visited Hemingway's Cuba

It's a summer staycation you'll not soon forget!

Which summer staycation idea tickles your fancy? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Fantastic suggestions for either type of staycation! I love the beach- it’s my happy place- and I especially love floating in the beautiful and (usually) gentle rhythms of the Gulf. I also love a good time travel back to the Regency era and this particular selection is one of my favorites. Thanks again for being such a wonderful “travel guide”, Pretty Literate!

    Lynda A

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