Summer/Beachy Reads

What is a Summer/Beachy Read? I mean, what really qualifies as a "summer read," or a "beachy book?"

Honestly, I don't know.

So I turned to the experts. 

It turns out, the topic of Summer/Beachy Reads is a pretty hot topic among the literate people. People like us. And everyone from Oprah to NPR, GOOP to CBS News, Marie Claire to Good Housekeeping, Town & Country to Book Riot has their opinion on what we "should be reading" during the warmer weather months.

I didn't know.

I mean, up til now I just read whatever I wanted regardless of the season.

According to Book Riot, since the 1990's (when the first references to Summer/Beachy Reads began popping up) I should have been searching for "light, fluffy, or compulsively readable novels that are perfect to take on vacation."

The Big Publishing Houses classify books as Summer/Beachy Reads when they are "blockbuster books published in the summer."

I recently polled the Pretty Literate Facebook Group. Here is what we had to say on the subject:


MacMillan Dictionary officially defines a Summer/Beachy Read as "a book you can take on holiday, which is good enough to keep you engaged but not so serious it will spoil your holiday."

This is all good food for thought.

In fact, let's test what we are currently reading this Sunday on Facebook Live at 5pm (Central), shall we??

I found six criteria from a reliable source and on Sunday I want to see if my current book qualifies as a Summer/Beachy Read. If you'd like to be one of my guests, please email me at by Sunday at 4pm (Central).

If being on screen is too hefty a commitment, grab your book and play along at home and in the comments.

Are you reading a bona fide Summer/Beachy Read? Find out Sunday on Facebook Live at 5PM (Central).

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