Should I, or Shouldn't I?

I know, I know. 

All you have been hearing about for the last couple of weeks is the NEW Classic Book Bag Subscription and by now you're like, Enough already

I get it.

Honestly, I am kind of tiring of hearing myself beat this same drum, too.

Soon though.

Soon it will be over.

The cart will be closed.

The opportunity will be ended.

We will be on the other side.

The question is, Will you be on the other side with us?

If you are still sitting on the fence, wondering Should I, or Shouldn't I?, take a moment to consider these advantages of saying YES to yourself.

should I, or shouldn't I graphic for pretty literate's subscription book bag


Let's face it, life is busy! The subscription bag saves you time, that one commodity we can never get back. Time researching what to read next. Time running to and fro to buy your next book. Time spent standing in front of shelves, not seeing what we want to read next. All time you can spend in better reading! (Added bonus: It eliminates decision fatigue.)


This subscription is a no-fuss, no-muss organized way to read through the best that literature has to offer. You'll learn a little about the authors and check a whopping 12 books off your "read" list at the end of just one year!


How many times have you wished to have someone with whom to talk about the book you're reading? Someone who "gets it" and is living those vicarious highs and lows with you as you connect with the characters? That's just the beginning of what the online subscriber's community offers. Are you sure you want to pass that up?


Each monthly bag features a carefully chosen paperback by that quarter's author PLUS a custom-curated item (a "novel treasure") that compliments the book. No overwhelm. Like the third bed in Goldilocks, it strikes a chord that is "just right."


Getting in now as a Founding Member guarantees you will get the lowest price the subscription will ever be. And you're locked in at that low price as long as you remain a current subscriber!


Hearing the community discussions about the book each month in the online community combined with a finite time frame before the next book's arrival is powerful motivation. With the motivation comes action. And with action comes results.

If you've ever wanted to dive into the classics, this is the perfect plan to get instant momentum.


You will meet new-to-you authors. You will connect with people outside of your time. You will explore topics previously never considered. You will expand your horizons. In short, you will grow as a human being. Don't we all want that kind of transformation?

Nothing to Lose

In the end, it's like Lynda said on a recent Facebook Live at 5, What do you have to lose? You can cancel it whenever you want. 

I invite you to jump off the fence and join us. We are about to embark on a fantastic adventure!


  • That Lynda sounds like a pretty smart cookie 😉! I am looking forward to the first book and first discussion tremendously!

    Lynda A
  • I just joined! This sounded like the absolute best option of book clubs out there, and such a good price! I am looking forward to receiving my first shipment.

    Ann Reynolds Bergeron

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