One Gift Guaranteed to Make You a Hero This Holiday Season

Q: What is the ONE GIFT GUARANTEED* TO MAKE YOU A HERO THIS HOLIDAY SEASON to the bookish people in your life?


Gifting books to the bookish people in your life speaks volumes to those that love the written word. You've witnessed the contented sigh in the bookstore. You've experienced the excitement when Amazon leaves a book-sized package on the doorstep. You've seen how a trip to the library can turn a dreary day into a delightful one.

You can be a hero this holiday season by giving the gift of books to your bookish people. It is a guaranteed-to-please gift-giving strategy and you've likely used it in the past to good effect.

It made you feel good.

It made them feel good.


If you want to go from good to great this year, keep reading. 

If you want to up your gift-giving game this holiday season, keep reading. 

If you want to extend the smiles & the gratitude well into the new year, keep reading.

If you want your bookish person to grow and learn as they connect with unforgettable characters and authors, keep reading.

If you appreciate the importance of community, keep reading.

If you want to be a hero this holiday season, keep reading.

Because this is for you.

Imagine being able to give a gift to your favorite reader that embodies all of the above, a gift that you give once, but they keep receiving...every month.

I'm talking about the gift of membership in The Classics Community.







Membership in The Classics Community includes:

  • a monthly delivery of bookish bliss
  • one classic novel
  • one novel treasure (something that enhances the reading experience of that month's novel - sometimes created exclusively for The Classics Community!)
  • a safe, private, online community exclusively for our members featuring great content to spark connections with the book & with one another

Give the gift that is guaranteed* to make you a hero this holiday season - A Gift Subscription to The Classics Community.

Choose the duration of your gift subscription :

3 Months

 6 Months

 12 Months

All gift subscriptions begin with the January 2022 delivery, which will be mailed the week of December 27, 2021.

I will personally send you an email once you've completed your gift subscription purchase with a link to a printable gift certificate perfect for presenting to your bookish person during the holidays. It will detail your heroism this holiday season on their behalf and let them know when they will receive their first book box - all thanks to your generosity.

If you have any questions, please contact


Disclaimer: This post makes no actual guarantee that you will become a hero. The claims in this post are for entertainment purposes only.  





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