Did you know that February is NATIONAL LIBRARY LOVER'S MONTH?

That's right! The entire month of February is set aside to celebrate libraries & librarians, books & book lovers.

I say, if we're going to do this, let's really DO THIS. Let's celebrate!

Below are a few easy ways you can show your love for your library, librarians and books during National Library Lover's Month.

(Would you rather watch? Join my friend and librarian Mary Frances and me as we talk about Library Lover's Month on Pretty Literate Live here.)

February 2 was World Read Aloud Day, but don't let the fact that it has passed deter you from taking part in the celebration. Grab a book. Find an audience. Read aloud. It's that simple! (We'll call it World Read Aloud Day Observed because this is one instance when late is better than never.) 

My favorite audience for a good read-aloud time these days is my 18 year old cat, Merry. Since my youngest moved out, the two of us have started reading Tess Gerritsen novels together. (Yes, really.)

No kids? No pets? Check out an audiobook from your local library and let someone read aloud to you.

Put your own brand - your own spin - on World Read Aloud Day. Even if it's after the fact. Even if you don't have littles to whom you can read. Even if you don't have a spare set of ears in the home to listen. Figure it out and embrace your choice with gusto. And if you post on social (which I hope you will), be sure to use #WorldReadAloudDay to help spread the love.

Always held on the first Saturday in February, the 5th is Take Your Child to the Library Day. See if you local library is hosting a special event for this day. Take your child to sign up for their own library card. Ask what age-appropriate programs your local library offers for your kid(s) and make plans to check them out.

#TakeYourChildtotheLibraryDay is also a great day to check out the Little Free Libraries in your neighborhood. LFL Stewards love it when people take advantage of the FREE BOOKS stocked in their libraries. You and your kids get the gift of a free book to make you smile, and the caretaker of the LFL you visited gets the gift of a smile by sharing her love of literature with you.

That's a win-win.

National Read in the Bathtub Day is February 9th (and may quickly become my new favorite holiday!). Grab your current book and spend some time reading and relaxing. I cannot think of better self-care than a bubble bath and a good book. Can you? (This is one literary holiday that begs you to celebrate in private. No selfies necessary for #NationalReadintheBathtubDay.)

February 14th is, indeed, a day for lovers - book lovers! Not only is it Library Lover's Day, but did you know it is also International Book Giving Day.

First, #LibraryLoversDay is a day dedicated to showing your love & devotion to your favorite libraries. Check-in (on social media) when you check out your books on Feb. 14, giving your local library a shout out by tagging them. Express your appreciation to the librarians that serve your community with a personal note or in-person word of thanks. Volunteer your time to support your local library. Dress up like a character from a children's book and wave at the kids in the children's section, give high-5s, and say yes when they ask to have a photo with you. And don't neglect your local Little Free Libraries on Library Lover's Day. There's a map online that will show you where all of the LFLs are in your area. Why not use this day to visit them ALL? And don't forget to "take a book, leave a book." 

Second, International #BookGivingDay is dedicated to getting as many books into the hands of children as possible. If you have a child in your life, this is easy! If not, fret not - you can still participate. Donate children's books to a local charity. Give financially to Reading is Fundamental or Reach Out and Read, both are organizations in the U.S. that support children's literacy. Drop off a donation of children's books at a Little Free Library in your neighborhood. Buy books at your favorite used bookstore for the kids in your building or on your street and deliver them to their door - anonymously! However you decide to participate, know that your efforts will encourage the love of reading that you have with the next generation.

Have you ever celebrated a Literary Birthday? February is a great month to start! Grab a steaming cuppa your favorite, a sweet treat, and the works of some of these writers to celebrate their special day in your own unique way:

February 1  Langston Hughes
February 2

James Joyce

Ayn Rand

February 7

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Charles Dickens

Sinclair Lewis

February 8

Charles Grisham

February 9

Alice Walker

February 12

Judy Blume

February 14 

Frederick Douglass

February 18

Toni Morrison

February 19

Amy Tan

February 26

Victor Hugo

February 27

John Steinbeck

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

What ideas do YOU have for celebrating LIBRARY LOVER'S MONTH? Share your inspiring ideas in the comments.

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