Make Gratitude Go Viral

Here's the truth:

I struggle to maintain an attitude of gratitude.


I said it.

My glass is usually half empty - and honestly, sometimes I'm just not in a place to appreciate the folks with their glasses half full. 🙄

Maybe you can relate?

Then November rolls around. 🍁

That's why this week I wanted to focus on words that have an igniting affect on that part of our thinking that gets stuck in an attitude of ingratitude. 

If you're struggling to maintain an attitude of gratitude right now, I hope the following will give you the nudge you need to get unstuck this Thanksgiving season. 

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William Faulkner

Mark Twain

John Milton



Ralph Waldo Emerson

Maya Angelou

G.K. Chesterton

A.A. Milne

Albert Schweitzer

Charles Dickens

William Shakespeare

Which of the above was most meaningful to you?

Which authors do you find most inspiring when you need an attitude of gratitude adjustment? 

Please share in the comments!



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  • I LOVE the quote from Chesterton! And the one from Dickens, even though they were all very inspiring! I’d have to say that I am more of a glass half-full kind of person, and if I need an attitude check of any kind it usually comes from the Bible. Dickens really does nail gratitude and keeping it real, though.

    Lynda A

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