Kudos to the English Teachers That Introduced Us to the Authors and Novels that We Clicked with (and Still Recommend!)

It's summer. The teachers have their much deserved time off. Yet...

I have a feeling that there are a LOT of teachers out there using their hard earned vacation days to make their teaching gig look like a walk in the park.

Planning curriculum.

Pouring over possibilities.

Prepping to welcome their scholars into the classroom.

And they do this year after year.

Selflessly. Sacrificially.

Personally, my love of classic lit began in my 10th Grade English Class in my local Public School. Unfortunately time has erased my teacher's name from memory, but the memory of the books she introduced to me thankfully lives on. They still entertain me. They still teach me. They still give me pause to think. To grow.

I recently asked which authors/titles our Facebook #PLeeps (That's Pretty Literate Peeps...Let's make it a thing!) were introduced to in High School English (and still recommend), & here is what some of us had to say.
















What about you?

What authors/novels were you introduced to in High School that you still recommend? List them in the comments.

And hey...if you remember your teacher's name, why not give him/her a shout-out, too?

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