Jane Eyre's Charm

This week's blog focuses on Jane Eyre's Charm. You see, I met Jane Eyre in 2007 when my oldest daughter was in a local production of The Jungle Book. Jane Eyre accompanied me every single day to her rehearsals and waited with me for hours, sharing her story with me page by page. Jane became my home girl, my BFF, my Bestie, my Kindred Spirit that summer and I have been her loyal friend ever since. 

My husband noticed the devotion that developed for my new friend and decided to gift me a Jane Eyre Book Charm for Christmas that year, a thoughtful gift that I have cherished these 13 years. It's a sturdy, durable, faux book with a gorgeous cover that you can read from ten feet away. It never failed to stimulate conversations with other book lovers, even the more introverted ones. There was only one tiny thing that I wished was different...and that was the size. It was ginormous!

Fast forward a handful of years and I decided to get crafty and try to make my own Jane Eyre Book Charm via Pinterest. And it worked! I loved my new charm - and it was an actual tiny book! I wore it everywhere and soon discovered that my adorable tiny book suffered the same fate as actual novels - wear and tear. So I quit wearing it as often to save unnecessary weathering...which I'm thinking should not factor into the thought process when you're considering jewelry.

Fast forward to the Fall of 2020 and one of the first items I sought was a new Jane Eyre Book Charm, one that ticked ALL the boxes. I love my Jane Eyre Book Charm and was thrilled to be able to offer it to you, alongside so many beloved classics in my Jewelry Collection. Each are made of sterling silver for long-lasting durability like my original big book charm, but with the desirability of a smaller scaled charm like the homemade one...literally, the best of both worlds!

You can check out the full line of Pretty Literate's sterling silver book charms in the Jewelry Collection


  • Hi Ericka! I loved your informative video at the top of your blog- the story of how the sterling silver book charm evolved was really … literally charming! I love mine, too, but it’s my girl Jane Austen and P&P. I also hope to pass it down. And Merry Christmas!

    Lynda Andrews
  • I remember that play! I have not been able to “get into” that book due to the language/prose it was written in but am thinking I should give it another try.


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