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My heart of hearts belongs to the classics of literature. I love the stories, the rich language, the voyeuristic peeks into the private lives of the past. I love the characters and their society. I think better. Speak more eloquently. Feel elevated in some way when my mind frequently peruses the pages of one of the publications of the past. (Oh my! See the lovely alliteration? I am currently reading a classic.)

Even though I live in a different time and in a different place, I can easily slip into the characters' shoes - celebrating their wins, agonizing over their defeats, and learning from their losses.

My undying love for classic literature is what prompted me to offer The Jane Eyre Book Box (featuring a beautifully bound edition of my all-time favorite novel along with some terrific items to sweeten your time with our girl, Jane).

Here's the thing: I was overwhelmed by the positive response to that one-time book box.

And it got me thinking...

light bulb moment

It got me thinking.

What if this wasn't a one-time thing?

I decided to offer another one-time book box, this time featuring historical fiction author Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series in preparation & anticipation for the release of the ninth novel in the series later this year.

And again, you showed up with an even more overwhelmingly positive response!!

And it got me thinking...

light bulb moment

What if...

What if Pretty Literate began offering a book box bursting with novel treasures and bookish surprises centered around a classic novel every quarter

Picture it.

Every three months you had an experience similar to these...

"I wanted to let you know how absolutely charming your Jane Eyre Book Box was - so lovely and clever and just right. I'm so glad I purchased it and look forward to buying another book box soon! Thank you!" -Lynda

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my box!!" -Susan

"The box was perfect! This box brightened my day. I rarely buy things for myself but this was certainly worth it. I want to thank you for the amazing job you did on this box!" -Jailynn

"All the items in the Jane Eyre box were perfect pairings for reading a Brontë sisters book, and dreaming of a walk on the Yorkshire moors." -Sally

"I am so glad I got one of these boxes before they sold out!" -Mirah

Imagine feeling that giddiness - four times a year!

That would be awesome, wouldn't it?

And that got me thinking...

If I'm going to offer a bookish box of awesome once a quarter, what about all the other months?

And that is when the light bulb turned on.


What if Pretty Literate offered both:

  • a quarterly one-time book box experience (like the Jane Eyre Book Box and the Outlandish Book Box with all the bells and whistles) AND
  • a monthly subscription (one book + one item/novel treasure) 

That is what I have been thinking - nay, obsessing - about for weeks now! The cat is officially out of the bag and now it is time to hear from you!

What do you think?

In the end, it doesn't really matter how many lightbulbs go off in my head.
What matters is what YOU think.
Interested in learning more about the monthly subscription? Click here.
Interested in the quarterly book boxes only? Click here to get on the waiting list.


  • I think the boxes are a great idea! The Jane Eyre box was wonderful! I like being able to choose if I want a certain book box or not. Also, being able to cancel on the monthly book box at any time is a plus. Looking forward to expanding my reads to something I may not have bought on my own.

  • I think the quarterly book box is a wonderful idea. My problem is financed. I may only be able to afford one occasionally. But I’m sure there are many people that can afford this and will love it. I ordered the Outlander Book Box. When I see that and the value for what I paid, may make me order more when I can.


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