How Well Do You Know The World's Greatest Detective?

We are so excited about the the new Sherlock Holmes Book Box and I know that you are, too!

If it's been a while since you've donned your trademark deerstalker cap, puffed your proverbial pipe, or examined evidence through a hand lens alongside Sherlock, then I invite you to find out How Well You Know The World's Greatest Detective below. 

Give yourself 1 point for each correct answer.

In which famous city does Sherlock reside?

a. London

b. Edinburgh

c. Brighton

d. York

Which famous street is home to Sherlock Holmes?

a. Abbey Road

b. Downing Street

c. Baker Street

d. Savile Row

What is the name of Sherlock's landlady?

a. Mrs. Ferguson

b. Annie Harrison

c. Mrs. Hudson

d. Irene Adler

What is John Watson's trained profession?

a. chemist

b. clerk

c. barrister

d. medical doctor

Where did Sherlock Holmes first meet John Watson?

a. St. Bartholomew's Hospital

b. Big Ben

c. Piccadilly Circus

d. Westminster Abbey

Who first introduced Sherlock Holmes to John Watson?

a. a friend

b. his landlady

c. police detective

d. a client

The first Sherlock Holmes story was published in which year?

a. 1886

b. 1892

c. 1905

d. 1917

What is Sherlock's older brother's name?

a. Myron

b. Mycroft

c. Melvin

d. Merritt

Who are the Baker Street Irregulars?

a. local law enforcement officers

b. local street urchins

c. local shopkeepers

d. local drug addicts

Which scientific methods did Sherlock NOT use in solving crime?

a. footprints

b. handwriting

c. DNA

d. fingerprints

Where does Sherlock Holmes store his tobacco for his trademark pipe?

a. cigar box

b. slipper

c. human skull

d. tobacco jar

What does Sherlock Holmes pursue after retiring?

a. hunting

b. tobacco farming

c. painting

d. beekeeping

Which is the only woman to ever outsmart the World's Greatest Detective?

a. Irene Adler

b. Violet Hunter

c. Annie Harrison

d. Mary Watson

Who is referred to as "the Napoleon of crime?"

a. Jack the Ripper

b. Professor James Moriarty

c. Sir Henry Baskerville

d. Colonel Sebastian Moran

What is the name of the police inspector that calls on Sherlock Holmes to help solve cases?

a. Cadfael

b. Dupin

c. Morse

d. Lestrade

What drug was Sherlock Holmes known to imbibe?

a. absinthe

b. cannabis

c. heroine

d. cocaine

What musical instrument did Sherlock Holmes play?

a. violin

b. harpsichord

c. fortepiano

d. guitar

What title did Sherlock Holmes give to himself?

a. Analytic Detective

b. Inspector Extraordinaire

c. Private Investigator

d. Consulting Detective

What is the name of the butler in The Hound of the Baskervilles?

a. Jeeves

b. Barrymore

c. Jarvis

d. Belvedere

What was Moriarty a Professor of?

a. Literature

b. Mathematics

c. Physics

d. Anthropology


Click here to check your answersGive yourself 1 point for each correct answer.

20 points

Congrats! You rival Sherlock Holmes himself and that is cause to celebrate! The Sherlock Holmes Book Box is the perfect way to salute your genius level sleuthing skills.

15 - 19 points

WOW! Sherlock's biographer and personal friend John Watson could not have done better! And just like Sherlock's unique friend, you can shadow Sherlock, collect clues, and capture the culprit alongside the World's Greatest Detective with our limited edition Sherlock Holmes Book Box.

10 - 14 points

Impressive! Scotland Yard would be lucky to have you as a detective! I invite you to sharpen your sleuthing with the limited edition Sherlock Holmes Book Box.

5 - 9 points

Not too shabby. Maybe the Baker Street Irregulars could put you to work. All you need is a little practice and the Sherlock Holmes Book Box is just the thing to take you from good to great.

0 - 4 points

Ummm...😑  Fret not because you're just one awesome adventure away from upping your sleuthing score. Check out the Sherlock Holmes Book box - available for a limited time and in limited quantities - while there is still inventory in stock. You don't have to be the World's Greatest Detective to know this clever book box will sell out.


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  • It’s been so long since I was immersed in Sherlock Holmes’ world that I wasn’t very optimistic about my results but I actually scored a 15! Woo hoo for my brain 🤣 I’m very much looking forward to diving back in to that world.

    Lynda A.
  • I got 16! Looking forward to the 26th get together and then my box!

    Melanie Cook

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